Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Love Editor

The verdict is in: virus, but not flu (my fever isn't high enough for it to be flu); bronchitis; middle ear infection.

But my doctor hooked me up with a prescription for a Z Pak, and as wary as I am of antibiotics, I'm feeling loads better already! So praise God! And thanks truly for all your well wishes. :-)

On to other, non-sickness tidbits...

My brothers are awesome. I love them both as brothers and friends, and my younger brother Brett brings so much fun to our family. He's the trends editor of his college newspaper, and apparently he's moonlighting as a broadcast reporter too. My dad just sent me a video to Brett's first installment as The University Star's "Love Editor -- first name Love, last name Editor." It's fantastic! I'm so proud.

I've excerpted Brett's segment here:

All I can say is, Stephanie Kusy-Wilson and Summer Ratliff better keep their hands off my baby bro's "luscious locks!"

You can watch the full broadcast here, if you're really interested in SG's rejection of an on-campus concealed carry bill:


Meagan said...

Get out!! Guess where Summer Ratliff is from? LUMBERTON! She is Travis' age and she ran cross country and track for my dad. I know her very well! Small world, huh? :)

Stephanie said...

Your baby bro is adorable! And very suave. LOVE that segment. Those Thornes are pretty neat.

Sidenote: what is with TURBAN HEAD GUY!??! "Probably going to the moon... have a picnic on the moon"

sigh... really? my Alma Mater...