Monday, October 06, 2008

"Dew" Not Disturb.

It's finals week at the Gaultney homestead.

Dear Bradford has his first round of final exams for his MBA this week. For a man who admits he had NO study habits in college, I've been impressed at his dedication to studying for his economics and accounting classes.
Sidebar: Can I just say that I am SURROUNDED by studiers?! Brad for his MBA, Stephanie for the NCIDQ, and Caroline for the LSAT! I have such impressive friends!

Anyway, Brad used to be addicted to coffee. I'm talking, seven-cups-a-day addicted. We got a really lovely coffee maker for our wedding, but I don't drink coffee. Frankly, I don't even know how to make it. I LOVE coffee culture... the conversation, intellect, appreciation for flavor, the coffee house as the social hub of our generation... but I just don't love the taste of coffee. I'll drink it if it's covered up in gingerbread, pumpkin, vanilla and caramel flavors, but a true coffee aficionado, I am not.

I think Brad felt it was too much trouble to feed his addiction alone, so he turned to caffeinated soda. He doesn't like dark soda, but he still wanted to meet his daily caffeine quotient. And given the number of sodas he would likely consume, it should be a diet version, lest he gain 100 pounds during our first year of matrimony.

The winning beverage was Diet Mountain Dew. Neon green, with a questionable flavor profile of citrus and hobo sweat, it's not my fave. But it keeps Bradford the MBA Candidate chugging. This is what our drink fridge looks like today, though most of the time it has a couple of two-liters stashed in there as well (look at the bottom row):

And here's what the counter looked like when I came home Saturday night after Brad had spent all day studying:

I'm so proud of him for studying, but I'm going to add up the money I spend on Dew each month and start invoicing him!!!

But seriously, he's taking a final RIGHT NOW and I'm praying for him as soon as I finish this post. Please pray too if you read this before 10 p.m. on Monday! :-) Love y'all!


Stephanie said...

awwww! poor sweet man! That photo of the 2 liter and all the empty cans is just short of pitiful.

Studying is horrible. I am so glad I'm done. I hope Brad's finals season is short.

Although you aren't a coffee afficionado, you are a very cultured connoiseur of real frozen yogurt (get it? "cultured?" hee hee hee) and wine.

Love you! Have a fantastic week!

Alison said...

Hope Brad's finals go well! I am loving the photo of your drink fridge because yesterday Mike unloaded three 12-packs into our main refrigerator!! He hates having to put drinks in the fridge, so he puts them all in at once! I mean, there is no room for food.

Jennifer said...

Oh Katie ... boy can I relate!! We should start a club - the MBA Wives Club. Jed has finals this week too so it's been a quiet house this week. We're looking forward to taking a "study break" with you guys on Friday!! :) Jen Melson

Janette said...

Hilarious! Good luck to Brad.

Yes, yes, yes, come to NC. You guys are welcome anytime to stay with us! We'd love it. Brad came out a few years ago when Will and I first got married.

Aidan is indeed looking more and more like Will with each passing day. I had my Mom go through all my old baby pictures the other day, and we found 1 out of about 300 where Aidan looks sorta like me as a baby. He even acts like Will already too - social, laser focused (when TV is on, when he's concentrating), good natured.

We said 5 years too, but only made it 4 babyless.

martha said...

good luck on the finals brad and I have two words for you

Erin said...

WOW that is a lot of Diet MD...I am so impressed.