Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Killer Pumpkin

I've never really liked Halloween. It's just not a holiday I get excited about... fear and candy are two things I want to stay away from. And I only went trick-or-treating once as a kid. But Brad LOVES Halloween, and he just told me he wants to put this in our front yard:


I am excited about Halloween this year though, because my beloved Kindred Spirit is coming with her husband to visit!

Random post... I'm on a conference call now and shouldn't be blogging anyway. :-)


Jashley and Grant said...

This is hilarious! I showed Grant this picture, and he got a kick out of it! You should do it in your yard! That would be so funny!

Abby said...

My neighbor across the landing from me has a middle school boy. Next to their door, they have two pumkins. One has a knife through its eye "hole" and the other has a stick holding on to an empty bottle of rum and "x"s for eyes. Both are "puking" pumpkin insides. It sounds really gross, but it's really funny!

I think I'm carving a pumpkin this week for the first time ever! And I can't wait to see ya!

Stephanie said...

that's hilarious. The puking pumpkins are pretty funny. I carved my very first pumpkin this year- it was a skull and cross bones. I totally cheated and used a stencil. It was HARD!

Also disgusting and gooey.