Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants on the Ground

This is a bit of a departure from my usual posts, but if you watched American Idol last night, you probably can't get this song out of your head either. I just love this crazy man and his commitment to elevating the waistlines of men's pants. (And yes, I've done yet again what I do every year: Swear I won't watch American Idol, only to watch it from the very beginning. Somebody, help me.)

Lyrics and a video below, for your enjoyment.

"Pants on the Ground," by General Larry Platts

Pants on the ground,
Pants on the ground,
Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground,
With the gold in your mouth,
Hat turned sideways,
Pants hit the ground,
Call yourself a cool cat!
Lookin' like a fool,
Walkin' downtown with your pants on the ground,


elledee said...

uh yes. i totally watched this and was singing it all last night. I'm kinda just watching AI now to see posh and ellen.

Stephanie said...

when I saw the title of this post, I thought it was related to "I threw it on the ground!" ha ha ha ha

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

They had him sing live on the red carpet at the Grammy's. It was hilarious. Yea E!

Jon and Brittany said...

Considering my shout out, you'll probably want to update your blog with all the traffic my blog is receiving! HA!

Miss you, friend!