Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dipping the Big Toe

I’ve decided to give it another try. I’m not prepared to guarantee a high dive, cannonball, or even a belly flop, for that matter… but I am going to dip my feet in the water once again. Yes, I’m going to resume the blog.

I have to admit, I should credit much of my little foray to the good-natured “prodding” of many of my former faithful readers (Meagan and Abby, to name a couple), who hold the fact that they’ve linked their blogs to mine as leverage over me.

By most accounts, I don’t have a lot of exciting material to blog about right now. No extended trips to Paris in my future, like the adventure I chronicled in my first blog. I’ve been married for just shy of a year now, so no wedding planning to kvetch and kvell over. I bought my first house well over a year ago now, and I can firmly state that there are NO plans for babies in my future. When so little is “happening,” what is there to write about?

In fact, I have plenty of anxiety, enthusiasm, and just plain curiosity over where I am in life now. I can’t really put my finger on it, other than to say that I’m going through a sort of frenzied respite… A sort of “sitting down on the inside,” a state of coming to peace with who my Creator has made me – not for the sake of others’ approval, not even for my own satisfaction… just being “me” because God designed me. I’m not after the award for funkiest bohemian, most Stepford-esque newlywed, or any other mantle I may have consciously or unconsciously sought not long ago. I’m just getting used to really being.

Change is a constant theme in my postings, and indeed, so much has changed over the past 18 months. I don’t have to tell you all the ways my life looks different now than it did just a year and a half ago. God is good, so good. And he’s enriched my life extravagantly. I’m truly on the verge of contentment… strange.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve learned how to sit still, or that my postings from now on are going to be treatises on “boring.” I’m just figuring out this whole adulthood thing, and that, to me, is an adventure.

  • I still daydream about what the future holds.
  • I still have a persistent case of wanderlust. I want to live in France, Morocco, Costa Rica, Seattle…
  • I want to write children’s books and create something every day (a painting, a tray of cupcakes, a blog post).
  • I want to truly love my husband selflessly and become a woman who honors God with her body and her life, and inspires others to godliness.

I’ve got a long way to go, and I hope through this blog you’ll help me chart my progress. Thanks for reading. Here we go again.


Meagan said...

YAY!! Katie, I loved your blog revival piece.. You have inspired me to simplify and be ME! I am glad that we have this method of communication so we can stay more connected. I'm proud of who you are and who you're becoming! Love you!!!

Abby said...

Aw yay Katie girl! I'm so glad to hear your little blog voice again. As far as blog links, you can do it a couple ways. In any case, go to "Customize" and add a page element. You can do a link list or a blog list. I have both. Good luck friend! I'm still tweaking my blog a lot, and adding photos is hard too. But it's fun. :-)

Stephanie said...

HOOZAH!!!! Your blog is finally up! I am delighted!

I loved our conversation yesterday. You are truly a dear friend and inspiring soul.

Can't wait for our class!

Abby said...

ahh! love the new look. Tell me your secrets ce soir my friend!

Kelly said...

Hey friend! Added your blog to my list to check regularly! =) Check on my mom in a few weeks...ok! You are such an encouragement to her! Thank you!