Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ode to a Profile View Counter

When I was a junior in college, I went through a bad break-up.

Well, ok. It wasn’t so much “bad” as it was a blow to my pride… and it wasn’t so much a “break-up” as it was that a boy who liked me -- and I liked back -- stopped liking me. Ouch.

Anyway, being the punk rock rebel I am, my broken heart found comfort in the music of Conor Oberst, also known as Bright Eyes. I played the anti-love anthem “Lover I Don’t Have to Love” over 200 times on my iTunes that Christmas holiday.

But then something really terrible happened. I upgraded to the new version of iTunes, and somehow all of my play counts reset themselves! I had worked hard to earn that 200+ number. And it just slipped through my fingers, like sand through the hourglass…

This blog resurrection has given me a case of déjà vu. I changed the email that my blog is hosted under and deleted the old one, and now all of my profile views have disappeared. Thanks to some really avid followers of my France trip, I had amassed a fairly impressive total of over 600 profile views. Now we stand at… looks like 24. And I’m willing to bet a third of those originated with my very own computer.

So this blog posting is an ode to the 600 fallen page counts. You served my ego well, and you will never be forgotten.

It’s also a plea. Click on my profile? There’s not much there, but it would do my heart good to see that number spike. I hereby announce a campaign: 90 views by ’09!


Abby said...

Awww I too love the iPod play count! I lost my iPod and got a new computer, so all those numbers were erased for me as well. It's just not the same!

You have a long time before '09, so I think your goal is totally doable. Especially with your hot profile pic! :-)

Stephanie said...

friend, I love your background. How did you do it? Did you find one or make one. Divulge your secrets!

Katie said...

Kinge -- I actually did it myself... My limited HTML knowledge is finally paying off via blogger! I started with a blogger template -- I chose Minima because it looked like the blankest slate -- then I just started tinkering around. I found an image on iStock photo that I liked a lot and decided to make a pattern. Then I just fiddled with the opacity of the outer wrap, changed the header image, and customized the link and title colors. I actually want to "zhuzh" it up some more, but I don't want to go crazy and make the background TOO busy, so I'm going to hold off until I come up with a game plan.

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